Altezza Ventures Fund

An Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership

Connecting unique Australian businesses with real development and investment opportunities.

Altezza Ventures is focused on providing capital for seed development and early commercialisation of disruptive technologies. We are providing investors with efficient and cost effective access to investing in a wide range of high growth, early stage innovative Australian enterprises.

Entrepreneurial activity is booming in Australia and the Government has identified that encouraging tech start-up activity must be at the forefront of the fiscal and legislative agenda.

We believe it is the time of innovation in Australia and Altezza Ventures plans to capitalise on this movement by:

  • Providing capital to emerging small to medium sized enterprises
  • Delivering substantial tax-exempt returns to investors
  • Fostering business growth and development
  • Providing strong contributions to the Australian economy through driving innovation.

For these reasons we believe Altezza Ventures represents a unique and excellent opportunity for successful entrepreneurs and investors alike.

Demonstrated Management and Advisory Track Record

  • Pioneer Development Fund
  • Fenix Fitness Clubs (chain of fitness clubs) 2.1xmm via Trade Sale
  • Trinity (Property Fund Manager) 8xmm via IPO
  • Beeline (GPS guidance) .5xmm via Trade Sale
  • Elpro (Radio Telemetry Manufacturer) 7.8xmm via Trade Sale
  • Jenkins Investment Management (Australian Equity Fund Manager) 4.4xmm via Trade Sale
  • Oniqua (IT Mining Services) 2.5xmm via Trade Sale
  • Lochard (Environmental Services - Noise Monitoring) 3.0xmm via Trade Sale

Altezza Ventures Team

The Altezza Ventures team have a demonstrable track record in the technology sector and commercialisation of fast growth technology start-ups including assistance with capital raising and ongoing management of an investment portfolio.

With a diverse range of strengths and experiences including:

  • start-up business development and commercialisation
  • project management
  • technology integration
  • R&D
  • new product launches
  • channel development; and
  • strategic partnering in Australia and internationally

Altezza Ventures is a team successfully driving entrepreneurial business.

John Driscoll | CEO – Director

John has as a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) and is a Chartered Accountant. As a Managing Partner of a leading business advisory firm, John has worked with many businesses to assist with finance, taxation management and planning, corporate governance and board selection, capital raising activities, research and development grant applications through to expansion planning and exit strategies. John previously held the role of Director of Pioneer Development Fund, gaining invaluable experience in the skills necessary to manage a successful investment portfolio.

John provides CEO, CFO and Company Secretarial services to a portfolio of fast growth, Australian technology companies.

To learn more about Altezza Ventures Fund, or request a copy of the Information Memorandum, please contact John Driscoll.

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